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Upgrade your Chevy Bed. The Chevy Bed Rack from Rough Country gives you the flexibility to carry bulky cargo and outdoor equipment in your truck bed. It's just right for loading ladders, roof racks, bikes, and more with ease. And whether you're headed out for a camping trip or working under the sun on a job site, this bed rack keeps all your equipment close at hand.

Durable Style:¬†This innovative bed rack system is built from durable powder-coated aluminum for lightweight strength and durability. The modular design allows you to add as many crossbars as needed, and the molded end caps and T-slot covers give your truck that clean look you're looking for. Rugged enough to handle any payload you can throw at it; our bed rack is sure to turn heads‚ÄĒand help you carry your gear wherever you need it.

Installation and Warranty: This easy-to-install rack offers endless mounting options and adjustability, so you can customize it to suit your specific needs. It also retains rear visibility, making it the perfect choice for those who want to maintain a clear view while driving.


  • Powder coated Aluminum for lightweight strength and durability.
  • Molded end caps and T-slot covers for a clean look.
  • Endless mounting options and adjustability.
  • Retain rear visibility.
  • Weight Rating: 340 KG Static load |¬†180 KG Dynamic load.


  • Does¬†NOT¬†fit vehicles equipped with tri-fold bed covers.
  • Does¬†NOT¬†work with Rough Country's hard shell rooftop tent.